Overview of common application problems


Ventura Networks develops and supports fault tolerant middleware for embedded, distributed systems. Our Precision Suite of Products includes a reliable messaging and fault management middleware product (FTm), a distributed data replication product (Echo) and a product for thoroughly and efficiently testing distributed applications (Shadow).

Each product may be used separately but all are designed to work together so as to provide application developers with an overall solution that reliably manages communication, ensures that data integrity will not be affected by failures in the network and provides an efficient and reliable way to replicate application data. Our solution is unique due to the comprehensive approach to fault tolerance we have taken. In particular, our solution makes no assumptions and has no requirements about the behavior of the network and will prevent data from being corrupted regardless of the severity of the failures in the network. In a nutshell, our Precision Suite of Products enable companies to develop robust software applications for distributed, embedded environments while focusing their efforts on the differentiating components of their applications.

The founders of Ventura Networks have extensive experience with distributed systems. Prior to Ventura, they founded North Fork Networks for which they developed a software product, SANi.q., which allows companies to cluster any number of storage nodes into a single system, manage those nodes from anywhere in the system, create replicas of the data on those nodes, and overall ensure the data integrity and fault tolerance of the system. North Fork was sold to LeftHand Networks in 2002 and its SANi.q. software is an integral part of LeftHand Network's SANi.q. product.