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Ventura Releases Their Precision Suite of Products
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Ventura Releases their Precision Suite of Products

Ventura Networks develops and supports fault tolerant middleware for embedded, distributed systems.  

Precision Suite of Products includes a reliable messaging and fault management middleware product (FTm), a distributed data replication product (Echo) and a product for thoroughly and efficiently testing distributed applications (Shadow) .

Each product may be used separately but all are designed to work together so as to provide application developers with an overall solution that reliably manages communication, ensures that data integrity will not be affected by failures in the network and provides an efficient and reliable way to replicate application data.

VNi's solution is unique due to the comprehensive approach to fault tolerance we have taken. In particular VNi products make no assumptions and have no requirements about the behavior of the network and will prevent data from being corrupted regardless of the severity of the failures in the network. In a nutshell, the VNi Precision Suite of Products enable companies to develop robust software applications for distributed, embedded environments while focusing their efforts on the differentiating components of their applications.


Features and Benefits

Ease of Integration: Ventura’s products have simple APIs which make it very easy to integrate them into existing products and provide an ideal platform to develop from making it perfect as a base architecture from which to construct a distributed application.

Streamline Development Process: VNi-based applications coordinates failure management with messaging. This greatly simplifies the environment that the application operates in and therefore speeds its development.

Decrease field support costs: VNi increases the robustness of applications to handle configuration changes and to automatically manage around failures without manual intervention. This makes the product much easier to implement and decreases the frequency of customer support issues.

Protect against customer data loss: In a VNi-based system, the application on each currently running machine is informed about the other machines still operating in the system. The applications are each presented with consistent information, regardless of the failures that occur. In particular, if some machines fail, the remaining machines are guaranteed to be presented with the same sequences of configurations. This allows Vni-based applications to protect data integrity in the face of arbitrary network failures.

Decrease time to Market: By using VNi’s products as a base architecture for their distributed application, a company will be taking advantage of the years that have gone into developing and testing the protocols used in Ventura’s products. This will drastically accelerate the development process as the complex aspects of managing communication and faults will already have been properly handled.

Decrease Q&A: Ventura’s products were developed with a full range of unit and sub-system testing, as well as embedded diagnosis and invariant checking software. The result is a very solid base for developing applications. In addition, VNi’s protocols support use of the Shadow Simulated testing harness, which has allowed them to be tested thoroughly under billions of simulated failure scenarios while checking carefully for the correctness of the protocols.