Overview of common application problems
Test Large Number of Nodes
Automated and Configurable
No Changes to Your Application
No Special Hardware Required
1000s of Failures Scenarios Tested a Day
Tests for the Failure Scenarios described in VNi’s White Paper
Tests Multiple Applications on Each Node
Testing is Crucial to Hardening Distributed Applications
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Finding and Fixing the Holes in Your Distributed Applications
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Product Summary: Shadow

Shadow is designed to allow companies to easily and efficiently test their distributed applications. It will scale and test applications over any size system. It can reproduce network failures, network delays, node failures, power failures etc. and any combination of the above. The system can be set to constantly run the application through thousands of failure scenarios a day or can be used manually to test specific cases. Finally, it requires very little effort to install and run.



Shadow Features Breakdown


Test Large Number of Nodes.
Shadow can test applications that scale to any size. In fact, the more distributed the application, the more benefit Shadow will provide to its Users.

Automated and Configurable.
Companies may use Shadow in an automated mode so that their application may be run through thousands of failure scenarios including single and multiple node failures, network failures, network latency issues, power failures etc. Alternatively, Companies may configure Shadow so that testing is focused on certain scenarios typically experienced by their application or on specific sets of the Nodes that may be more important to the application.

• No Changes to Your Application.
Companies may quickly start testing their distributed application with Shadow. It is literally a plug and test product that allows companies to very efficiently begin battle testing their application.

• No Special Hardware Required.
Shadow is 100% software and does not require extraneous hardware components to test an application’s ability to address network failures or latencies
and/or the many other simulated failures it causes the application to experience.

• 1000s of Failures Scenarios Tested a Day.
In automated mode, Shadow will cause your applications to face thousands of failures in any variety of combinations each day.

• Tests for the Failure Scenarios described in VNi’s White Paper.
The scenarios described in our white paper (link to paper) as well as many other situations are thoroughly tested by Shadow.

• Tests Multiple Applications on Each Node.
Shadow offers the ability to test how failures of nodes in a network or network failures affect nodes running multiple applications. In addition, VNi also allows companies to fail different applications on a node to determine how other applications on the Node react.